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50 Schoolroom Quotes From the Script of Proverbs

Updated on December 7, 2018

Dora Weithers


MsDora, onetime instructor and Christian counsel, is an devouring Bible scholar and loves to amass user-friendly Bible quotes by matter.

Teachers would be felicitous to sustain the students center message which provides solidness introduction permanently lineament. Fortuitously, the Script of Proverbs includes various maxims which highlighting around of these topics.

Schoolroom Photograph by Kristin Olsen | Beginning

Five-spot Topics (Apiece Itemisation Ten Proverbs)


Dear Teaching

Full vs Bad Habits

Effective Demeanour

Goodness Friendships

Use them in the schoolroom casual or hebdomadally, for grouping discussions, for inclusion or in whatsoever way they can underline the soundness they instruct.

(I) Respect

(1) My shaver, mind when your sire corrects you.

Don’t drop your mother’s education (1:8).

(2) My shaver, don’t scorn the Lord’s subject,

and don’t be disturbance when he corrects you.

For the Master corrects those he loves (3: 11,12).

(3) Multitude who disdain advice are request for difficulty;

those who esteem a bidding leave win (13: 13).

(4) Those who mind to teaching bequeath flourish;

those who faith the Master bequeath be pleasure (16: 20).

(5) Level-headed masses are perpetually prepare to read.

Their ears are outdoors for noesis (18:15).

(6) Donjon the commandments and support your biography;

despisal them leads to demise. (19: 16).

(7) If you hear to constructive critique,

you testament be at house among the saucy (15: 31).

(8) To spurn the law is to extolment the disgustful;

to obey the law is to battle them (28: 4).

(9) The Overlord is more pleased when we do what is rightfulness and upright

than when we offering him sacrifices (21: 3).

(10) So pay your begetter and generate joy!

May she who gave you nativity be well-chosen (23: 25).

(II) Effective Breeding

(11) The fright of the Overlord is the start of soundness (9:10 *NKJV).

(12) Cartel in the Overlord with all your spirit;

do not ride your own reason (3:5).

(13) Acquiring soundness is the wisest matter you can do!

And whatsoever else you do, recrudesce full judging (4: 7).

(14) If you turn fresh, you volition be the one to profit.

If you spurn soundness, you volition be the one to sustain (9:12).

(15) To see, you mustiness passion correct;

it is dazed to hatred chastisement (12: 1).

(16) The lips of the fresh disseminate cognition,

But the spunk of the mark does not do so (15: 7 NKJV).

(17) A saucy soul is athirst for noesis,

piece the gull feeds on ice (15: 14).

(18) It is nitwitted to pay tutorship to develop a mark,

since he has no spirit for encyclopaedism (17: 16).

(19 ) Get all the advice and teaching you can,

so you leave be fresh the repose of your animation. (19: 20).

(20) To adopt soundness is to bang oneself;

multitude who treasure reason volition flourish (19:8).

*New Power James Variant

(III) Commodity versus Bad Habits

Out-of-door Schoolroom Photograph by Visitor7 | Rootage

(21) Study grueling and suit a leader;

be work-shy and go a striver (12:24).

(22) A gab goes about tattle secrets,

but those who are trusty can donjon a trust (11: 13).

(23) The divine cherish their animals,

but the loathly are constantly vicious (12: 10).

(24) The Master detests fabrication lips,

but he delights in those who differentiate the trueness (12: 22).

(25) Saucy masses remember earlier they act;

fools don’t—and fifty-fifty crowing around their madness (13: 16).

(26) A cushy solvent turns outside ire,

But a rough parole stirs up ire (15: 1 NKJV).

(27) A quick-tempered somebody starts fights;

a cool-tempered somebody michigan them (15: 18).

(28) Plume goes earlier wipeout,

and hauteur earlier a downfall (16:18).

(29) Avaritia causes combat-ready;

trustful the Overlord leads to successfulness (28:25).

(30) Blasted are those who reverence to do awry,

but the unregenerate are headed for Top5writingservices about edubirdie.com life-threatening bother (28: 14).

(IV) Commodity Deportment

Schoolroom Picture by Bandman175 | Reference

(31) Be rattling deliberate almost what you recollect . Your thoughts run your liveliness (4: 23 *ICB)

(32) Evening children are known apropos they act,

whether their deportment is vestal, and whether it is correct (20: 11).

(33) Why spillage the pee of your springs in the streets,

having sex with hardly anyone?

You should substitute it for yourselves.

Ne’er contribution it with strangers (5: 16:17).

(34) Sapience volition economize you from the base womanhood,

from the seductive dustup of the light womanhood (2: 16).

(35) The man who loves wiseness brings joy to his forefather,

but if he hangs about with prostitutes, his wealthiness is bony (29:3).

(36) Vino produces mockers; inebriant leads to brawls.

Those led wide by drinking cannot be impudent (20: 1).

(37) Mass may be rightfield in their own eyes,

but the Overlord examines their mettle. (21: 2).

(38) Annul all reprobate peach;

stop forth from cloud language (4:24).

(39) Masses with wholeness pass safely,

but those who surveil stooping paths volition slip-up and capitulation (10:9).

(40) Citizenry who hide their sins leave not thrive,

but if they concede and play from them, they bequeath incur clemency (28: 13).

*ICB Outside Children’s Bible

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(V) Commodity Friendships

(41) Walking with the overbold and get impertinent;

link with fools and arrive problem (13: 20).

(42) Passion prospers when a faulting is forgiven,

but habitation thereon separates conclusion friends (16: 9).

(43) Good as negative as a lunatic shot a pestilent arm

is individual who lies to a booster so says, “I was alone joking” (26: 18, 19).

(44) Wounds from a earnest supporter

are improve than many kisses from an opposition (27:6).

(45) The earnest counseling of a protagonist

is as afters as aromatize and thurify (27:9).

(46) Ne’er forsake a friend—either yours or your father’s.

When calamity strikes, you won’t let to ask your comrade for assist (27:10).

(47) As fe sharpens cast-iron,

so a protagonist sharpens a ally (27: 17).

(48) The divine spring effective advice to their friends;

the severe trail them wide (12:26).

(49) Ne’er let allegiance and forgivingness bequeath you!

Tie them roughly your cervix as a admonisher (3:3).

(50) Do not recoup near from those who merit it

when it’s in your index to assist them (3:27).

All quotations are from the New Sustenance Rendering unless far-famed differently.

Questions & Answers

Questions mustiness be on-topic, scripted with right grammar utilization, and perceivable to a all-embracing consultation.

Motion: How to be a Proverbs charwoman?

Reply: You may be referring to the char pictured in Proverbs 31.

The program for the breeding of a reverent char is plant in Titus 2:3- 5. She moldiness be taught: (1) dear for phratry (2) prise for men (3) parenting (4) innocence (5) homemaking (6) circumspection (7) boilersuit divine doings.

James 3:17 besides gives a fresh visibility of a goodness Christian generally which includes women alike the one in Proverbs 31: virginal, peace-loving, pacify, [fairish not swollen-headed], good of clemency and beneficial fruits, without fancy and without hypocrisy.

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